Public Sighting Network

If you see a whale, dolphin or porpoise, we want to know!

With a coastline as long and intricate as Norway's, monitoring cetaceans year round is difficult for researchers without help from the public. This is where the NAS Public Sighting Network make a difference.


The NAS Public Sighting Network encourages fisherman, whale watchers, ferryboat captains, and mariners out at sea to report their sightings of whales, dolphins and porpoises to the NAS Public Sighting Network. With this information we can learn more of where and when particular species occur. Your sightings will be used to investigate distribution and to identify key habitats along the Norwegian coast for different species. By comparing sightings data we can begin to identify important areas for cetaceans and can also monitor changes in distributions over time.

You can report a sighting online,

by email at

or call:+47 76131429

If you have photos or video footage of your sighting and you would like to share these with us, please let us know.
Photographers will retain copyright of their work and the NAS will not sell imagesbut will forward any requests for use on to photographers

“Citizen Scientists are making important contributions, whether they are fishermen, tourists, or whale – watchers. Because they may look in places that aren’t being studied, they may make important finds."

Northeast Fisheries Science Centre.

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